MT Eisenbahnbedarf HandelsgmbH, Department Rail-Consult
MT Museumstramway Verkehrs- und BetriebsgmbH

The Train-, Bus- und Ship-Experts

We organise, repair, restore, deliver und consult
  • historical trams: motor- and trailer-cars
  • buses and trolley-buses
  • railcars for standard- and narrow-gauge
  • special vehicles
  • locomotives powered by steam, diesel and electricity
  • electric power supply
  • overhead wire systems
  • track systems - permanent way
  • turn-key rail systems
  • ships

Our wide range of technical and historical know-how is the way to our success. It ensures best support, optimum consulting and contentment to our clients.

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MT EISENBAHNBEDARF Handels Verkehrs und Betriebs GmbH
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